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Freedom Cash Home Buyers is a growing company dedicated to solving your real estate problems!

Our team has combined experience of over 50 years solving real estate problems. We have encountered every possible situation and we are confident that we can help with yours and give you the solution you seek. We have become one of the top cash home buying companies because we make the homeowner’s priorities, our priorities. We are always in alignment with you and your needs and will work non-stop to ensure you win.

Our Values

The house buying business has changed. People want a quick, easy and profitable solution. They want an honest and sincere approach to making the home buying process simpler and less stressful. Our company intends to serve our customers with:

Bring Solutions

All problems have solutions


Always putting people over profits. Doing the right thing all the time with no exceptions.

Positive Attitude

Nothing great has been accomplished with a poor attitude.

Follow Up

Remember the homeowner and work on their timeline


Believe in yourself.

Fearlessly Uncomfortable

Always seeking growth and taking calculated risk.

Story From The Founders

We started Freedom Cash Home Buyers with you, the homeowner in mind.

One of the main reasons we started the company was because we encountered two real estate problems. While teenagers in high school, our mother’s home went into foreclosure. In addition, while in college our grandmother’s property was about to be sold at the tax auction.

Through our resources and great problem solving skills, we were able to help our loved ones and get them cash. In the process of helping them, we found our passion of helping people and solving problems. These experiences taught us invaluable lessons that we use in every deal we do.

We are committed to helping you and ensuring we do what is in your best interest. In working with us, you will get your problem solved by a professional team that caters to your individual needs. Call us today and let us help you and set you free!

Let us help you!

Your Peace of Mind is Our Guarantee

Read reviews from hundreds of happy homeowners that used Freedom
“They saved me from foreclosure. They put me at ease, Every other home buyer scared the pants off of me.”Stephaine
“The process was absolutely hassle-free I would recommend them to anyone” The Howells
“They are a Godsend! They were able to sell my home fast. Whatever obstacles that were there, they were working to get my home sold.”Ann Marie

No Worries

From offer to closing, we are always available to help you.


You get cash and we close when you need us to.

YOU First

You have Peace of Mind knowing we always have YOUR best interest first.
“This is the company to go with, a great team, they will take care of you today”Eric

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