Is “Freedom Cash Home Buyers” really suitable for me?
“We’re not in that much of a rush to sell”

While people may imagine “desperate sellers” when they read the ads for “We Buy Houses”, the reality is much more surprising. Most of our clients are not facing foreclosure or have any immediate need to sell. Not being in a hurry to sell, the majority of our homeowner customers interviewed said they were disappointed with traditional agent house selling services. Often the most important thing for sellers is saving themselves time on complicated repairs and endless hours of showing their house to strangers.

Do you charge for giving a quote?

Even if you are not in a hurry to sell your home today, Freedom Cash Home Buyers can offer you a free quote of how much cash we can offer. We also offer free advice if in fact we believe you would be better off using a traditional agent to list your home. Even if you do not choose to use the services we have to offer, the formal estimate and advice are completely free and place you, the homeowner, under no obligations.

What are the Differences between Freedom Cash Home Buyers and Realtors?

The main differences are that Realtors (also known as Real Estate Agents) do not buy your home. They provide the homeowners with advice and place your home in a Multiple Listing Service. This process offers no guarantees of locating the right buyer or the potential duration of the whole process. The sale may be subject to finance and other conditions that you as seller haven’t contemplated. Realtors also charge significant fees that must be paid on the sale of the property. There are numerous hoops one must jump through such as inspections, appraisals, taxes, titles, and multiple showing of the house. Sometimes these processes take up over a year to complete.

Freedom Cash Home Buyers offers cash directly to the homeowners. There are no agent third-parties involved. There is no need in listings and long processes. In many cases, with the homeowner leading, we move from the offer, straight to the closing without delay. All the closing costs are explained with no additional fees such as commission. There will be no need to have several showings or place ads, as a cash buyer is already prepared to pay for the home. The key part for most our customers is an increase certainty and an expediated process.

Isn’t using a Realtor a better option?

For some people, a Realtor may be a more advisable option. If getting the top price is essential, if you’re in no hurry whatsoever, and you can spend the time and effort (and cost) into any repairs and renovations that are typically carried out prior to a traditional agent sale, then it would probably make sense to run with a Realtor. However, not everyone is holding out to get the best price for their home, or is free of other pressing life matters. For others who are highly motivated to sell as quickly as possible, organizations such as “We Buy Houses” can provide you with the assistance you need.

In some cases, the home may be due for some major repairs. With financing no longer an option, even the Realtor will often need to rely on finding a cash buyer. This almost always means that the homeowner will have to settle for selling the house cheaper to a cash buyer to make up for repairs, but still being liable for the considerable agent fees. In this situation, using a Realtor’s service can often further reduce the ultimate amount received for the property. Companies that offer cash for homes would provide the best service in this case.

Most people are not familiar with the different sides – for and against – when it comes to using an agent to sell their homes. It pays to find out.

Are homes in serious disrepair acceptable?

Companies such as Freedom Cash Home Buyers purchase house in whatever condition they are in. The motivation for groups such as ours is to repair a house and then sell it. This process is called “fix and flip”. When the homeowner sees repair nightmares, Freedom Cash Home Buyers sees potential. This does not mean that these companies are going to offer you the lowest amount for the home, or amounts lower than people may offer in a traditional agent sale anyway. In many cases, homeowners were amazed at how much the company offered them for their home. For those who are unable or unwilling to spend money for repairs before selling their home, it is worth the free quote from these companies to see what your home is worth. “We Buy Houses” will purchase houses in whatever condition, removing a large headache for most homeowners.

Fees and closing costs

When going through a company that buys houses, the closing cost will be paid for by them. Homeowners will have to pay their own property taxes or mortgage balance. However, there will not be additional fees or commissions needing to be paid.

Are homeowners under obligation after filling out the web forms?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there are no obligations or risks involved in filling out the online form and receive a free quote. You are free to decline at any time. We will also help to point you in the direction that may be right for you when you are ready to sell. If you do accept the invitation for us to quote, you will be provided with an immediate legal offer.

How to get Cash for my House?

Much will depend on where the closing takes place, such as at the title office or another destination that is more convenient for the homeowner. In most cases, the money will be electronically transferred to your bank account or you will be paid with a certified cheque. The following will give you some idea of the process and what to expect;

a. Closing at the Title Company
For those who will be going to a title company to close, you will be required to sign the documentations. You will then be provided with a cashier’s cheque or the amount will be wired to the bank account of your choice. However, homeowners should keep in mind that if they go before funds are sent, you may experience a delay between the document signing and the time funds will arrive. It is best wait until the funds have been verified to have been sent prior to going to the title company, to avoid such delays. It is very important to both the homeowner and the company to keep an open line of communication between them in order for each party to save themselves valuable time.
b. Mobile Closing:
For some homeowners, it is not convenient for them to go to a title office and may choose to sign the closing documents at another location. In these cases, mobile notaries are on hand to notarize the closing papers and send them overnight to the title company for you. The title company will hold the papers in escrow until the funds have been transferred to the account. This way both parties are protected during the process. When the funding has been verified, the money will be transferred into your bank account or a cashier’s cheque will be sent overnight. The average time for this to take place may be between one or two business days.

Will cleaning be required before moving out?

There are no requirements to how you should leave the property. In fact, you are free to take what you want, and leave everything else. With the number of repairs and remodeling that will most likely go on in the home after you are gone, cleaning may be redundant. Companies who buy houses, do so “as is”. They do not judge. They have also bought homes in about every condition imaginable, so it is not a concern.

Fees or Commissions

One of the best things about going through a company that purchases houses to flip, there are no fees or need to pay commission. They are not going to charge you a fee on an offer. There is no need for agents or other types of payments. They even handle closing costs or in cases where property needs to go through probate, these fees are also covered upfront.

Bank, HOA, or taxes foreclosures

Sometimes, there are cases where a homeowner is facing the forced sale of their property. However, companies that buy houses also have much experience in handling the details of these types of situations. This may be a better option for those who are already stressed in such a tough situation.

Wanting to sell your home?

Selling your home could not be easier. If the price is agreeable, it can be closed on now, or you can wait for a later date. The choice is yours. A number of our clients have agreed to the price, but waited months later before deciding to close. Homeowners are given options that work with their schedule and each situation.

Sometimes, homeowners are highly motivated to sell quickly because of situations they are facing such as relocation of their work, divorces or foreclosures. These situations are still able to be handled by a home buying company.

Freedom Cash Home Buyers

We are a company that will purchase your home in whatever condition it is in. We also guarantee that our offer will be a fair price for your home. We work closely with you, the homeowner, to follow your timeline. No repairs are necessary and the service can be done with no money from the homeowner’s pocket. From the time of the signed agreement, it typically takes up to 10 to 20 business days to complete the process and provide the homeowner with cash.

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