The pandemic has been a real bummer for many of us emotionally, psychologically, and most importantly – financially. If you are like any of the millions of Americans right now, the last thing you need is an expensive home repair.

So to humor the people reading this article, we will not be listing down ways to save money or how to get repairs for cheap. We will be listing down the most expensive home repairs one can incur within their lifetime. Sure, there is that possibility that you won’t have to go through some of these repairs if you take good care of your homes, but it’s always good to know “what if?”, right?

Key Takeaways

  • The majority of the most expensive home repairs involve water damage.
  • A quarter of homeowners spend over $5000 on home repairs annually.
  • Over 98% of all insurance claims made by homeowners involve property damage.
  • The most expensive insurance claims involve lightning and fire.
  • Homeowners from the South spend 35% more on emergency home repair than owners from other parts of the country.

Most Expensive Home Repairs in 2021

Foundation repair – $3000 to $25,000

If something is wrong with your home’s foundation, then you have to go and fix it right away. If not, the problems will compound, and you might have to change residences. Most foundation repairs are complicated and require some planning to do right.

Signs You Have a Foundation Problem

  • Floors are sloping
  • Cracks can be seen all around the house
  • Water pools in your basement or just around the edges of your home.
  • Doors and windows that used to close quickly shut don’t fit their frames anymore.

How To Prevent Issues With Your Home’s Foundation

  • Always check if there’s proper drainage during rainy seasons.
  • Take advantage of soaker hoses around the perimeter of your home during long periods of no rain.

Roof Repair – $950 to $18,000

Without a roof, it’s hard to call a home a suitable dwelling. It is an essential part of your house as it protects you and your family from the elements. When your roof is leaking, or it has missing shingles, you can’t postpone its repair. A partial restoration should set you back an average of $950, while a whole roof replacement will cost you as high as $18,000.

Signs of a Roof Problem

  • It leaks when it rains.
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Signs of water damage on walls or ceiling
  • Splits (or splitting) across the shingles.

How To Prevent Issues With Your Roof

  • Get an expert to check on your roof every few years.
  • Check your roof when you can for apparent issues from time to time.

Water Heater Repair – $500 to $1800

Your water heater is an essential item, but we rarely notice this hardworking item in our household. This is also why many homes need to have their water heaters repaired or replaced – because they don’t know something is wrong until it stops working. On average, the cost to repair a water heater sits at $500, while a total replacement will set you back $1800.

Signs Your Water Heater has a Problem.

  • Makes unusual or loud noises.
  • Leaks liquids. Pay close attention if it is rust-colored.

How To Prevent Issues With Your Water Heater

  • Do periodic checks on the pressure valve.
  • Do a preventive/maintenance flush at least once a year.
  • Keep the general vicinity of the water heater clean.
  • Make sure that proper insulation is done on the water heater.

Termite Damage – $500 to $7000

When bugs decide to call your home their own, then it’s not that much of a problem. However, when bugs want to treat your home as dinner, that’s a different concern altogether. Termites cause many issues to other homes, and once you see signs of termite infestation in your home, you have to do something fast unless you want to sleep in the colony’s midnight snack. Getting your home treated for termites will set you back around $500 on average; you might be looking at a $7000 bill in the future if you don’t address your termite problem right away.

Signs You Have A Termite Problem

  • You can see crawling termites or swarms of flying bugs in your basement. The presence of bug wings can also be a sign.
  • Wooden structures of your house get hollowed out.
  • Mud tunnels are present around the perimeter of your home leading up to the exterior walls.

How To Prevent Termites From Causing Trouble

  • Install a proper termite monitor.
  • Create a particular area for wood and mulch away from your house.
  • Get an expert to inspect your home regularly for termites and other bugs.

Water Damage

Water is one thing that we, as humans, need daily but is also the one thing that causes us a lot of trouble. When you get water leaks, frequent floods, and unchecked water line problems, your house becomes a prime candidate for water damage. Water damage can range from rotten wood, mold growth, and rusted metal parts. On average, repair work relating to water damage can cost up to $2500 a pop.

Signs You Have Water Damage Problem

  • Leaks in certain places of your home.
  • Musty smell on your basement and other parts of the home.
  • Weird and fuzzy discoloration on your ceilings and walls.
  • Your house paint starts to peel.

How To Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

  • Check for leaks periodically. If you see any, fix them right away.
  • Clean your roof and gutters regularly.
  • Have an expert check your sump pump at least once a year.

Installation or Repair of Pipes – $550 to $10,000

Another cause of significant home repairs involves anything plumbing-related. It’s also the most common, with around 30% of home repairs requiring the help of plumbers. The reason why they can get pretty hefty is the fact that most pipes are located in hard-to-reach areas – often inside walls or underground. Having your drain pipe repaired can set you back $550, while a sewer line repair or replacement can net you a bill of $10,000. Getting new pipes installed will cost you about $1000.

Signs Your Pipes Need Repair or Replacing

  • Visible discoloration or excessive flaking in exposed pipes.
  • Leaks in different areas of the house.
  • Water looking and tasting rusty.

How to Prevent Your Pipes from Becoming a Problem

  • Use only approved products to unclog your drains. Ask your friendly neighborhood plumber about some DIY techniques you can do to get rid of the clog.
  • Give your pipes proper insulation during the winter.
  • Get an expert to clean your sewage pipes every two years or so.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Repair – $350 to $4500

HVAC systems are one of the most critical parts of your home. It’s the one system that helps make your home livable in unfavorable conditions. When it gets too hot, proper ventilation and air conditioning units will make the house colder. Consequently, when it gets too hard, the heating system will make the air a bit toasty, so everybody feels more comfortable. One thing to note with HVAC systems is that they will break down when you need them the most – because that’s also when they are working the most. AC repair averages around $350 per session, and getting your furnace repaired will cost you around the same amount. Replacing your AC and doing system-wide work can cost you $4500.

Signs Your HVAC System Needs Repair

  • Your AC units won’t cool, or your heating system won’t heat up.
  • Leaks
  • Strange noises coming from the units

How To Prevent Your HVAC System From Becoming A Problem

  • Get an expert to check on your HVAC yearly.
  • Get your air filters inspected and replaced at least once a quarter.

Mold Removal – $2,100

Once mold gets a hold of your home, you need to do something about it right away. There are different types of mold, and some are much worse than others, but all of them pose a health risk to the inhabitants of a house. It can also cause your house to the resale value if mold is discovered and not attended to right away. The average cost of getting mold removed from your home is around $2100.

Signs You Have A Mold Problem

  • You smell something musty in different areas of your home.
  • Walls and ceilings change color or exhibit discoloration.
  • Inhabitants with allergies get random attacks inside the house.

How To Prevent Molds From Becoming A House Problem

  • Check and attend to any leaks or water damage concerns right away.
  • Have an expert check your home regularly to check for molds or possible sources of decay.

Electrical Repair – $300 to $15,000

Sure, you can probably DIY a primary electrical repair job similar to some minor plumbing issues. However, a couple of electrical concerns require the right expertise, especially when you have no idea what’s wrong and the real issue. Most electrical issues can result in a fire, so you need to address the problem right away. Plus, no electricity means no wifi, and we can’t have that, right? A regular repair job will cost you around $300, but if you need to rewire the whole house, that will set you back around $15,000.

Signs Your Home Electrical System Has Problem

  • Lights flicker from time to time.
  • Appliances shock you when you touch them.
  • Your circuit breakers trip regularly.

How to Prevent Electrical Problems at Home

  • Get a licensed expert electrician to check your home every few months.
  • Always use appliances within their usual usage limitations.
  • Don’t overload your home electrical grid.

These are 9 of the most expensive home repairs in 2021. What’s your experience with home repairs? What’s the most you spent on one? Tell us all about it!

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